Friday, 29 April 2011

street party

Monday, 20 September 2010

My Moss Stitch Scarf

a simple scarf knit for my OH - not too fussy or fancy... and very quick to knit
here is my pattern

yarn: 4.5 balls sublime merino dk

(double strands to make a chunky gauge)

8mm needles

CO 23 stitches

6x rows moss stitch

knit to desired length knitting each row as follows:

4 moss stitch 15 stocking st 4 moss stitch

Finish with 6 rows moss stitch and CO

Vintage Knits

yesterday i was searching for a Rowan Vintage knits book to have a sneaky peak and see if there were any classic knits I liked. and look what I came across........

this is an advert for Boeing from the 1950's, when you could still knit on a plane and when knitting needles were not associated with the threat of terrorism.

look at the mans face in the picture he does look slightly uneasy !....... perhaps somebody should tell her about the Sweater Curse!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Camel Island

I am back to feeling nearly my old self after something sad happened in July.

No more words to say but Simon says it all here:

With this poignant image from South Shields "Camel Island"

My list

Do you ever have thoughts and ideas spinning around in your head just waiting for the right moment or for inspiration to strike?

here is my list of "things" in a totally random out of my head order

1. Obsession with Alexander Henry fabrics. I haven't bought any yet but I day dream about having sewing skills that could do wonders with Bewitched and The Ghastlies

2. Finishing Embrace - just reached the under arm cast off on the last section - can I finish it tonight? Update 18/9 finished !

3. Sorting out the lace cast on on said Embrace as fronts and back look messy now - can I be bothered to pick up the stitches on the edges and cast them off again? Update no way can I be bothered

4. Finishing OH's scarf - grey merino, 22 stitches on a 8mm needle why isn't it done yet ......!!! Arghhhhh Finished 19/9 - looks good and he likes it

5. Starting nice chunky polo neck jumper in pink as always for DD. No issue there right ? Yes! am thinking could I do back and front simultaneously on circulars to avoid those bulky seams ? hmm another sleepless night I fear!

6. Then could I make a vibrant red quilt for my bed ? where would I get red fabric from and should I put 2 different fabrics together to make it double sided? And when would I do this?

7. What shall i make with the new Debbie Stoller yarn at Ring a Rosie ???

And would my mum like the orange yarn called Clementine for Christmas?

8. Lots and lots of boring work

9. Busy busy home and kids

10. Will I lose a pound when I go to Slimming world tomorrow? 0.5lb boo hoo will keep trying for next week. 0.5 lb hardly seems worth it. Still 2.5lbs in total

11. Cool Halloween outfits for all of us.

12. A winter coat

Wow reading this back I sound totally self obsessed! Believe me, I'm not just too much to do and soooo little time! I'll let you know how I get on!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Happy Birthday - part 1

I had 3 books on my wish list for ages.

2 came in time for my birthday

Vogue Sock Knitting - which is a great book, although i haven't had huge success with socks I am hoping this is what I've been missing. the book came highly recommended.

Crafty Minx - I have had my eye on since being in Oz at Christmas - it only just got published here in April. A nice book to look through with lots of stitchy ideas

And finally you might have spotted an EMPTY box of Ferrero Rocher - love these. I got 2 boxes for my birthday - which means I ate 48 in 48hrs although actually my average is 24 in an hour - (LOL that is absolutely shocking!!!) - I just googled ferrero rocher calories and there is 69 per chocolate!!!!! A mind boggling 3,312 calories!

Happy Birthday - part 2

a little peek at some of the knitty presents I received

This was from my sis in Australia who went to my favourite Brisbane yarn store, Tangled Yarns in Newstead. I have a Laura Chau macro lace pattern and some beautiful Cascade yarn in fuchsia pink. Thanks Sis!